team & personal roles

tsveta bogdanova

TSVETA BOGDANOVA                      [FOUNDER OF ARTNOMADIKA,    PLATFORM COPYWRITER,main role: creative director ]
also :  ideas,
video , animation, editing, vj-ing,
software design,
objects, space adaptations,
graphic design and digital processing


is a professional stage and costume designer and media artist based in Bulgaria. The artist works as a free lancer  in various opera and drama theaters  in  Sofia and the country such as National Theater Ivan Vazov  (2010), Sofia Theater (2011), State Drama Theater – Burgas (2012,2009), Drama Theater- Blagoevgrad (2012,2011,2010,), State Opera-Rousse (2010 , 2011).  She has been advertising designer  of  New Drama Theater  Salza i smiah in Sofia (2004-2006).  Since 2011 she  takes  part in  Valeriy Parlikov`s studio for alternative theatre  VIA NEGATIVA. Out of the theater, Tsveta  experiments  with video and animation, interactive software and installation art. In 2011  she forms  ARTNOMADIKA media art lab and it`s platform.  Her projects participated in  various international festivals and exhibitions  like : DA Fest – Digital art festival  (2009,2010,2011), Water Tower Art Fest (2011), Computer Space Art Forum (2011), Small season Sfumato  (2009), Sofia; August in art – Varna, BG (2008);  PQ – World Set design Quadriennial– Prague,CZ, (2007), SDE– Stage design exhibition, Cardiff,UK (2006) and others.  Tsveta graduated in National academy of arts with Master degree  in the first pilot class of  Digital Arts (2010) and Bachelor degree of  Scenography (2008). In 2006 she specializes  Stage design for opera in RWCMD  (Royal College of Music and Drama,  under the patronage of Prince Charles), Cardiff, UK (2006). Speaks English, French and Russian – 35 APU  Dobri Voinikov (2002).




milen yordanov

[CO-FOUNDER OF ARTNOMADIKA, main role: sound designer]
also: ideas, sound design, sound recording,
video, editing and processing,vj-ing;


is a Bulgarian audio-visual artist who lives and works in Montpellier, France. His interests in the field of contemporary art are focused mainly on experimental sound, he  is also involved with video art and 3D projection mapping. In his  works the author combines digital with analogue technology. His projects are influened by the contemporary  documentary. To create sound compositions (under the pseudonym Macroscopix), Milen is  using analog machines and patches, and rarely – computer generated elements.
Milen is co-founder of ARTNOMADIKA media art lab, along with Tsveta Bogdanova.







simeon yanchev

SIMEON YANCHEV                                               [main role: interactive software creator]
also: electronics


is a software designer/engineer and one of the pioneers in the development and promotion of computer-generated interactive art in Bulgaria. He is a lecturer on Electronics for  Artists in National academy  of arts-Sofia and leads in his studio Robotev unique for the  country courses in programming of  interactive systems . He is also co-organisator of  Dorkbot – Sofia (monthly meeting of programmers, artists, designers and engineers interested in electronic art), Ignite-Sofia(evening of short presentations with hte motto: Enlighten us, but make it quick! ), and co-founder of  the first festival in Bulgaria for robotics and interactive objects  RoboArtFest (2010). Simeon is author of  the first Bulgarian translation of the books  Meeting Arduino and  Short book for  Arduino programming , he is also  founder of the online store With the  software and hardware Simeon has helped for the creation of  many interactive installations in recent years, working with a variety of young and established names of the Bulgarian art scene. The works have participated in international festivals such as KINETIKA ART FAIR, London, UK (2010), DA Fest (20010,2011), Small season- Sfumato, Sofia, Bulgaria (2011) and many others. The projects Universal Meeting  with Albena Baeva and ORTHOMAN with Venelin Shurelov have won prestigious awards  such as ESSL prize for contemporary art, Vienna, Austria (2011) and  Mtel Award for Contemporary Art , Varna, Bulgaria (2011 .). Since 2011 Simeon is a memberof  ARTNOMADIKA. He has graduated in Arabian philology  at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski (2007) and speaks Arabic and English.


velina kokalova

[main role:  photographer of ARTNOMADIKA]
also: ideas,objects, photography,
video, editing and digital processing


is a professional photographer and designer from Bulgaria. She workes as a photographer and graphic designer for   Off the Channel Theater (since 2011).  and Vazrajdane Theater (since 2012). Velina is part of  ARTNOMADIKA lab since the formation of the lab  and works both with Tsveta Bogdanova since 2009. She is a member of the Association of Independant Theatre.
She graduates in Scenography (2011) and  Photography (2012)  in  National academy of arts,Sofia , where  her diploma  project AQUANTIC wins the NAA  and  SOCIETE GENERALE EKSPRESBANK`s  First Prize for young artist   and Velina specializes  two-month residency for professional artists in Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris (2012). She also specializes  Visual Communications  with theater and photo projects in the Theatre Academy Toneelacademie, Maastriht, Netherlands (2009,six months)
She is author and joint projects of international festivals as : TRANSFORM – Pandora’s Box, Thessaloniki, Greece (2012); Camera Obscura, Barcelona, ​​Spain (2012); International Photographic meetings – Plovdiv (2012); DA Fest (2009, 2010, 2011.); Water tower art fest (2011); Canon – Photo of the Year (2011), Sofia; Night of Museums and Galleries – Plovdiv (2011), Small Season- Sfumato , Sofia (2010). Speaks  English and French.




Petko Tanchev
ideas,objects, software, video, mapping,generative imagery, computer modeling

is professional bulgarian scenographer, vj and media artist,  born in 1985 in Plovdiv. He graduates in the National Art Academy in Sofia, with a bachelor’s degree in “Scenography” (2008) and Masters’ degree with profile “Author`s  visual spectacle “(2010). He is author of scenography, costumes and multimedia solutions for various theaters in Sofia and the country [ ‘Sofia’ Theater- 2010,2009,  “Sfumato”  Theatre lab – 2008, State Drama theater-Lovech – 2007]  and a winner of “Icarus” national award for scenography (“The Man from Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino, part of the “Four Rooms,” 2009). Petko creates installations and performances presented at national and international art festivals [“Include the city” (Burgas-2013) “Facade Video Festival” (2012), “Night of Museums and Galleries” (Plovdiv – 2013,2012,2011) “Festival Father Paisius Street “(Plovdiv, 2012, 2011.2010),” International Digital Arts Festival “(2010),” Sofia Dance Week “(Sofia, 2008),” PQ Scenofest “(Prague, 2007),” Little Season ” (Sfumato,Sofia, 2007), “August in Art” (Varna, 2007)]. His works are mainly focussed in the urban environment and are inspired by the specifics of the space in which they are exposed – pavilions, squares, facades of houses, and other monuments. His means of expression  are linked to digital media, animation, video, video mapping, generative imagery, computer modeling and vj-ing. He often seeks common ground with musicians and composers in the creation of audiovisual compositions. Petko is the author of the first “Digital Renaissance” (Plovdiv -2012), project for online creative network and platform for contemporary culture, supported by the Foundation Plovdiv 2019.



ivan dimitrov

IVAN DIMITROV                                                    [dramaturgist and copywriter of ARTNOMADIKA]
also: ideas, classic guitar playing,
text editions, textual participation in some artworks


is a a Bulgarian dramaturgist, poet and writer. His short stories were nominated for the debut book competition of Ars Publishing House. Author of  Local foreigners, a book of short stories, the novel Life as a missing spoon and the book of poetry Poet on portrait. He’s one of the top five poets in the Sofia Poetics Festival contest in both 2010 and 2011. In 2011 his play The eyes of the others won the New drama contest in Shumen. In 2012 the English translation of the play by Angela Rodel was chosen with 9 other plays among 430 from all over the world to enter the official program of HotInk at the Lark International Festival in New York. There, in the end of March 2012 the play had its stage reading in New York. In September the play was produce at New Ohio Theater under the direction of Samuel Buggeln. In May the same year his play The Alien won the contest of a Bulgarian play of the Absurd in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) and is going to be produced there. Once again the same year in October his newest play Time disease (written in both New York and Sofia) won the contest for Youth play organized by Youth theatre Nikolay Binev with cooperation with National Theatre in Belgrade and will have its world premiere in Belgrade in 2013. Since 2011. Ivan Dimitrov is a member of ARTNOMADIKA , he is editor of the online catalog  A/e- POESIA (facebook blabla game) – experimental group poetry  by Internet users. He has graduated in Cultural Anthropology (2009) and in   Bulgarian philology (2006) – Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. He speaks German, English and Russian – 35 APU  Dobri Voinikov, Sofia (2002).



anton tsanev

[main role: designer in ARTNOMADIKA]
also: ideas, objects, video, graphic design,web design


is a visual artist based  in Bulgaria. With his projects  he is interested  on the installation art,  with focus  in composing his originally sculptured objects  in space as well as various  sounds and pictures in time.  He works  both with material and  digital, light and sound materials and environments. In 2012 Anton takes part  in the annual exhibition of the National Academies in South East Europe Transform, Thessaloniki, where he  presents the project  Prometheus – before the said– sculpture of  textiles, metal, sound and light. He is the author of the concept, development and production of  Urban Portrait  – multimedia work selected for the festivals  Father Paisius Street  and  Night of Museums and Galleries- Plovdiv (2011). He also participates with his works  in   DA Fest (2010)- as participant in  a  photo workshop for   stopmotion screening .
Anton joins ARTNOMADIKA  in 2012.Currently he  is studying his Master  in Sculpture of National academy of arts -Sofia, he is also  graduated  as Bachelor in Ecology and Environment  of  Forestry University  – Sofia (2011). Speaks English.




viktor dimchev

VIKTOR DIMCHEV                                                 [ main role: project manager of ARTNOMADIKA]
also: ideas, camera, directing


is a major producer of the first TV for tourism, travels and adventures  in Eastern Europe – Travel TV (since 2005.). He is an author of more than 100 scripts, director and producer of  more than 400 documentaries, broadcasted by many of the main Bulgarian televisions, incl. BNT, TV Europe, Nova TV, bTV and more. He has published numerous publications, articles and essays in bulgarian newspapers and magazines for tourism such as  Traveler, Odyssey, Tourism Market, Happy Weekend and elsewhere. He is also author of the TV series BG: I want to be there  and Latin America. At the end of 2012.he becomes part of   ARTNOMADIKA.
Viktor is  graduated at the bulgarian Classical High School, in the sections  History  and French  and later at  Sofia University  St. Kliment Ohridski  (2002) with a Master’s degree in  History of Byzantium , the Balkans and Europe.  He has specialized Tourism and Spanish to   Kukulkan Caribe OM , Mexico (1997) and has completed a course on  International Trading, Kaliningrad, Russia (2000).  He has worked as executive director of   Passport Media Ltd. (2003 and 2005), manager of  MULTIMEX Travel  Ltd. (2003), Vice-President of the Bulgarian-Mexican Association  BULMAT  (2001 to 2002).He speaks several foreign languages, and also has studied Latin and Ancient Greek.



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