project concept
`  Creating a portrait of a  found space means creating a portrait of someone else`s artwork. As a retrieved piece of art the space  provokes the visitor  to interpretate it .    As an audience and authors at the same time, we decide to create   new  art object, based on few found spaces , where we are transmitting our  personal attitudes. This new piece of art  in turn  later on  will prompt  its new subjective interpretations .  Thus the process of  interpretating will  go on and on and on…
With  >>>/ INTERPRETATIVE GENERATOR  project we are posing the next questions:

If  it is  the audience that  generates an eternal life of each artwork,  does the subjectivity within the interpretation of  art  change the artwork itself ?

Is it possible to prove that we are no longer the author, and the work  is self-developing  in unexpected directions, using as many authors as  necessary? 

What could happen if we try to materialise the subjective attitude of  numerous audience?  To what extent will be developed  the  created artpiece  ? 

Does it mean at all  that because of our subjectivity  we can not overlap with each other,  and is it possible  with our interactions to generate art?

The installation uses  collages of architectural details & soundscapes created  at several found  locations , where later it is shown and offers  an interaction with various fragmented AV atmospheres. The textual comments , wich the audience is invited to make, change the image for each  participant, depending on several pc keyboard letters. All users watch constantly changing visuals. A brand new piece of art is born live  – it is collective, uncontrolled, but only inspired by the initial authors.

Our ongoing documenting experiment aims to  attain a state of interactional involvment  between artmaker and artviewer, interpreter and another interpreter . As a result of  that we offer a living  piece of art, enriched constantly  with new ideas, themes or messages, keeping  a maximum open frame . `

The  material for the project is collected after spatial AV research on The Water tower – Lozenets, Central Mineral Bath and the North Building of the National Academy of Arts in Sofia . Later in 2011  the project  is shown as interactive  AV installation and  two channel video installation   in Sofia on the  international festivals     WATER TOWER ARTFEST ,  DA FEST- DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL , based in the same buildings, and also on  COMPUTER SPACE ART FORUM ,  it  is presented as well  on  Dorkbot Sofia #9 .  

With the collected textual material ARTNOMADIKA  team  provoked  various Facebook users  to take part in the project playing   online  for 5 days. We called  it Facebook bla bla game ( experimental virtual poetry creation with fixed banks of words ).The results we mixed back with the  works by  the audience of the festivals and we published  all in  one online catalog.


the interactive AV installation @ DA Fest 2011,
photo:Velina Kokalova


team roles for the installations :


idea, concept, software and object design, space adaptation : Tsveta Bogdanova :::

photography : Velina Kokalova :::

visual processing:  Tsveta Bogdanova, Velina Kokalova :::

software: Simeon Yanchev,  Tsveta Bogdanova :::

sound design: Milen Yordanov :::

sound recording: Atanas Ilchev :::

( textual interpretations, visual  manipulation: festival audience )


team roles for the online  catalog :


idea,  design :   Tsveta Bogdanova

visual material processing: Tsveta Bogdanova and Velina Kokalova

edition: Ivan Dimitrov

(experimental poetry autors – Facebook users out of  the lab)





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