absurdistic experiment > work in progress



ARTNOMADIKA team intends to create together with You an unique textual experiment . For this purpose You are invited to interpret some of the images on this page   in a word or phrase,[IMPORTANT!] finishing with conjunction or pretext. You have to name the number of the image , choosing from IGEN8 to IGEN22. You can participate  more than once – as many times as You want.

With the collected  interpretations the artists from ARTNOMADIKA aim to generate a collective absurdistic text. The materials will be forwarded automatically to the Email address of the media art lab. If the condition is met , they will be posted back here and finally they  will be included in an online book.

Deadline to participate: 10.1.2013 – 10:08. 2,013

We look forwаrd to see  the results!! Welcome and enjoy! :




# project concept

# tech drawings

# software

# soundscapes

# visual material

# interpretations banks

# spaces

# AV results

# bla bla game catalog



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