The Snail on the Slope [Processing] Sept 26, 2009 | In Processing |

The Snail on the Slope is a generative movie based on a book of the same title by Strugatsky brothers. The novel is set on an unknown planet, where humans have a base from which they are investigating and trying to conquer the Forest. The Forest, which is a huge single organism is constantly changing and fighting back. It is also dangerous and there are a lot of unexplained phenomena that they are discovering.
The movie is made of five chapters, which address the questions of artistic and scientific efforts to understand nature. The topics that arise in those chapters are: sublime view on nature, role of knowledge, ubiquitous bureaucracy, and destruction of nature.
By applying an organic narrative structure to the generative dynamic forms, a spectator witnesses a definition of a novel cinematic experience.
All scenes in the movie are created using Processing.They are created as abstractions and visualizations of the atmospheres in which all of the action takes place.View good quality images here

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